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Diligent Technology Group is a holding company with the following wholly owned subsidiaries:

Diligent Systems Ltd
Enterprise Systems

Specialises in providing cloud-based solutions.
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Scoll Methods
Management Consultants

Offering business solutions to
SMEs since 1994.
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Diligent Media
Online Media / Digital Marketing

Diligent Media is an online media / digital marketing company.
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SME Base
SME Services

Offers various services including Accounting, Software Dev, Networking, etc. More ...

Independent Music Platform
Classifieds, Crowd Funding, Live Gigs, Streaming, Events, Digital Distribution, etc. More ...

Tracking Systems

Provides tracking and Fleet Management Systems.
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Property Services

Offering various services including Construction, Management since 1977 More ...

Diligent Retail
Online Shops

Diligent Retail manages all the online shops owned by the group.
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Diligent Entertainment
Music, Films and TV

Independent Music and Film production.
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Information Technology Recruitment

Diligent Recruitment offers high quality IT candidates. More ...

Diligent Ventures

Manages our Crowd Funding platforms.
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Football Services

Website for aspring footballers and football fans. Also owns its own football team in Lagos. More ...


Housing Base Ltd
Housing Services

Provides various services to organisations in the housing sector. More ...

Diligent CSR 
Social Enterprise

Giving back to the society is a key commitment of Diligent Technology Group. More ...


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